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Facebook marketing and Facebook groups? I can see you already working your mind trying to understand where I intend to lead you with this question! Well, apart from being ‘un place pou fer palab’ or ‘un place kot cinema derouler’, Facebook groups can be of great help for your Facebook marketing strategy if you’re clever enough! When we talk about Facebook marketing, very often (if not always), businesses’ instant thoughts are; we need to create a business page, post in order to attract followers and that’s it. Ok all good. But what about Facebook groups? My friend, let me tell you something. Facebook groups are just like gateau pima, you don’t know its value and how good it is until you taste it! Why am I saying that? Don’t be too impatient, keep reading!

But first of all, do you know what Facebook groups are? Yep, it’s a serious question.  Let me clear this out. Facebook groups generally provide a space for people to communicate about their common interests around one specific topic or purpose. What could be better than this for your Facebook marketing strategy? It literally breaks my heart when I see so many businesses not using Facebook groups because they think that it is an average strategy that lacks professionalism and has no real active members. What an unfortunate situation! But honestly, I don’t blame those businesses. Maybe they need an eye-opener, you know like we say, maybe they need ‘un ti coud main’!  This is why I’ve compiled for you in this blog 4 smart benefits of marketing your business using Mauritian Facebook groups and as a bonus, I have added a list of +50 Famous Mauritian Facebook groups to market your business on.

Create Visibility and Awareness

I am sure that you must have been told if not bombarded by the why’s your business needs (high) visibility.  Uh, but how do you promote your brand and improve its visibility? People will keep telling you “hey advertise your business you need to” but they will not give you some genuine tricks on how to do it in the best way (they are selfish for me).  Well,  like I always say there may be 36,000 solutions but one of the most effective ways to create visibility is to market your business on Facebook groups. Simple as that! No, these groups do not primarily revolve around gossip and dramas! Above all, they gather people that share the same interests, defend common causes, or are looking for similar opportunities. This is holy bread for you! Posting on these groups will enable you to reach a wide audience, make yourself a name and build your community. If people can become popular on Facebook groups, or meet the love of their life,  trust me these groups can also do wonders for you! <Ti lipied lor gro lipied> You’ll watch your business getting known and known. But before aiming for the moon or the stars simply get the words about your business spread on Facebook groups.

Reach The Right Audience

Have you ever found yourself pulling your hair or biting your nails just to find the right audience? Seems like it’s easier to hit that G-Spot than to reach the perfect customers, right?  Well, you’d be happy to hear that not everyone is meant to be your customer and that’s perfectly fine. One of the greatest benefits of marketing your business on Facebook groups is that it enables you to reach the niche audience that perfectly fits your product/service (depending on the group). And at the same time, you can build a deep relationship with your audience, and when you are good to them (yep you need to), they will give you their trust, and loyalty in return.  Just like when you take good care of your partner, you respect them and treat them, well they’ll stick by you. If you are an online e-commerce business selling lady clothes and your target is ladies, there are some perfect related groups on the list I have added at the end of this blog. Keep reading and you won’t regret it!

Free Promotion

Do you know what is the favorite word of digital marketers, and business owners? …ta-da it’s…FREE. Yes, you read that well! Those people love everything Free. Real ‘Bater Bis’ like we say here! (Ps My boss also is like that). They are always trying to find the best and cost-effective way to promote their business. After all, can we blame them for being prudent and thoughtful?  If you also want to advertise your business without spending a lot of money (doing so does not make you a <crever> relax), here you are…market your business on Facebook groups.  These communities can help you to get visibility and exposure for FREE while generating engagement. What could be better? Imagine seducing your crush without having to do anything simply because you are good and awesome (I hope). Well, today every business is doing Facebook marketing, so if you want to innovate and see beyond the tip of your nose, or your face well Facebook groups could be a good start.  

Increase Your Organic Reach

Let’s talk about Facebook organic reach,  but before you sigh and get a headache  (yes I know this term sounds complicated) don’t panic! This term may be unfamiliar for you (or not) but trust me, it will help you a lot to promote your business. Here is a hot fact; The more you post and interact on Facebook groups, the more you will appear in people’s news feeds.  And what’s good about this? Simply you will become a star, a local celebrity!  Mr. Facebook tends to prioritize content from Facebook groups with high levels of engagement, what a smart guy right?! It has also been noticed that Facebook groups generally generate higher engagement than Facebook pages.  So if you regularly post on Facebook groups and generate engagement, you’ve won it all.

You now form part of the few businesses that are aware of Facebook groups’ powers …congratulations! So go ahead and don’t lose time anymore. Don’t get me wrong now! Being on Facebook groups does not mean that you should bombard members with your business content or invade the group’s privacy. There are certain rules that you need to follow, yes you may be communicating via a screen but you are dealing with human beings so don’t just be a brand, be human! And remember, it’s not about you only! Ps, I didn’t forget you as promised here is a list of +50 Famous Mauritian Facebook Groups to market your business on. Click here to download the list. Make good use of this and thank me later!

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