Behind The Curtains…

It’s no secret that the internet has changed the way we do… well, everything.


Everyday, millions of users jump online for business transactions, to lookup information about products and services, transfer money, and of course, watch a few cat videos along the way.


But, as a business owner, you already know that.


You’ve identified the internet as an invaluable tool to market your products and services and to reach out to thousands of potential customers.  You might even have started a digital marketing campaign of your own. The question you’re asking yourself is, “ why aren’t I seeing the results?”


If that’s the case,” pa gagne traka”  that’s where we come in.


What Future Buzz can do for you


At Future Buzz, we’re passionate about getting Mauritian or International companies ready for the digital age.


Our creative digital marketing campaigns will help you meet your business objectives and achieve tangible results that you’ll be able to see on your balance sheets.


Whether you’re a small, medium sized or thriving corporation, Future Buzz has the digital marketing solution for you.



Our Philosophy


In the ever evolving world of digital marketing there is no “ one size fits all solution” and, since your business is unique, your marketing needs will be too.

At Future Buzz, we get that.



Our team of experts are committed to sitting down with you, and understanding all of your business needs to create the digital marketing campaign that speaks to your client base.


We don’t believe in “quick fix” solutions, but in future proof campaigns that stay ahead of the curve and which keep delivering results. We’re not afraid to get creative with our work, and use new technologies and practices to make sure you meet your goals.


So don’t waste time. While everyone is sticking to costly and low impact marketing methods, give your business the chance to jump ahead of the competition by hiring a digital marketing team who know what they’re doing, and can deliver results. If you’re looking for that competitive edge, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.