Digital Marketing Tips To Boost The Tourism Industry Post Covid – The Future Of Travel Marketing

The implementation of digital marketing is more than ever essential for businesses especially with the apparition of the Covid 19 pandemic. Tell me something when was the last time you went to a travel agency to book your trip? Organizing your trip today can be done with a few clicks – We are all connected to the digital world. Digital Marketing not only makes booking of trips easier for travelers, but it also helps to build a truly immersive experience, help to boost marketing efforts of businesses and offer many other benefits. Here are a few digital marketing to boost the tourism industry post Covid.

#1. Implement Digital Travel Experience

The tourist journey has become more digitized as time goes on. With new technology, it’s never been easier to book your departure for your trip or go explore a destination from the comfort of home!

Tip – Work on your visibility on Search Engines, this will be the first place tourists will start looking for information, mainly for remote destinations such as Mauritius.

#2. Commute working with vacation

In the digital age where everything is at your fingertips, it’s not surprising that many people are opting for remote work. The idea of being able to balance work and leisure seems like a dream come true so who wouldn’t want that?

Some companies are grasping this new need, taking advantage of the holiday working trend to accelerate their own reboot: Airbnb has launched a competition with Trentino Marketing to do remote work from a cabin.

Tip – Review your feature list on the website, and give priority to facilities for remote working space, sustainability, and experiences.

#3. Email Marketing best practices to kick off your marketing

“MailUp’s 2021 Statistical Observatory compared tourism and hotel plus transport and travel sector emailing data to global ones. Despite the crisis, their performance hasn’t been entirely disappointing.”

If you’re like us, then your inbox must be crowded and out of hand every day. In the blink of an eye, a week has gone by – all with countless emails piling up in the unread folder. This is enough to make any sane person want to give up on email altogether, and that’s perfectly comprehensible!

But we can’t do that because there are some really important messages buried deep down among all that spam mail from designers who need clothes for their fashion show next month, so it was very encouraging when we had this article forwarded over: promotional mailings showed a positive trend both in terms of openings (yay!), clicks (even better), and interactions (#winning).