How Google Voice Search Has an Impact on SEO?

When you go digital, almost everything is done in a click and now there is the voice search feature that allows you to get things done by just using your voice. Heard of Google Voice Search? It is another feature of Google which the online audience uses to search something on Google by speaking either on their mobile phone or computer. According to Sherry Bonelli, owner of early bird digital marketing, small and local enterprises need to start thinking about voice search when conducting digital marketing strategies. The way people search for information on the Internet has been constantly changing. How?

People are now more likely using voice search on their mobile devices with applications like Siri, Google Now, Alexa, Cortana and much more. You need an information and you are feeling too lazy to type it, the ideal way to search is to just go to Google, click on the small microphone icon found in the search bar and ask for a question and voila you get all the necessary information. You need the location of a good restaurant, searching for a something particularly new, you get it straight to you by just using your voice.  

Future Buzz - Google Voice Search

How to create content and SEO strategy for Google voice search? What do businesses need to know about Google voice search? SEO experts need to understand how the online audience is using voice search before going for content. Technological devices allow consumers to interact 
and make searches on Google in a conversational tone and a natural way. This is where local and mobile search comes into play.  

Known to be typically mobile and locally focused, voice search queries are longer than keyword search queries. For instance, if a client needs to buy fashionable clothes, she will type ‘Fashion clothes Mauritius’ but if she uses google voice search she will more likely say ‘Where can I get fashion clothes in Mauritius’. If the client is in Quatre-Bornes, her mobile device will detect it and thus shops selling fashionable clothes in Quatre-Bornes will appear in the search results.  

According to a study by VoiceLabs via Mediapost, “This year (2017, 25 million devices will be shipped, bringing the total number of voice-first devices to 33 million in circulation.” Now, how to optimize content for voice search? Here are some tips.   

Conversational Intent: Voice search queries are different from keyword search queries. As said above, voice search is more conversational in nature. Generate more traffic to your content based on the types of voice search queries a user might ask when using voice search.

Target long tail keywords: Keep in mind that the audience comes up with questions when searching for something online. Words like when, who, how, why, what are frequently associated with voice search. SEO experts and brands should take into consideration long-tail keywords that use these types of questions words when developing tailored content based on voice search.   

Business Listing – Go mobile and local: Ensure that you have mobile-optimized content on your website. Also, make use of local business listings for to the online audience to be able to view your company’s physical locations. Claiming and optimizing Google My Business is another amazing feature of Google. Using this feature makes it easy for Google to find more data about your brand, business address, and other details when using this feature.   

Create and structure your content – use semantics: Write content in a conversational way. Faqs and Q&A contents are examples of long tail keywords and conversational contents. Before writing content, anticipate your target audience’s search. Searches like “dog food Mauritius” will be “Google, where can I get the best brand food for my German shepherd?”   

It’s time to start optimizing your content and website for your brand not to be left behind. Create several different pages so that Google voice search can help your website show up in the first search engine result page and increase your chances of appearing on Google.  Statistics found below on voice search will help you understand how optimizing contents and sites for the online audience will change in 2017 and in the forthcoming years as long as the usage of voice search keeps on increasing. Find more details on the statistics here.