How To Build Your Brand Online [The Buzz Spot Concept]

I’m pretty sure that it has cost you lots of money to find the answer to this question.
But in reality, this question is not that complex, and its answer is easier than you think.
Let me explain myself.
Nothing fancy or new here.
In a few words, at Future Buzz, we believe that there are 4 main components for a successful online marketing strategy.

The first one is about Branding. We begin by determining how to use your brand online and the related elements that will help it succeed. It includes your concept, USP, Audience, Your Why, Brand Elements, Visual elements, brand strategy, etc…

Once we’ve identified those elements, we can say that the first part of the job is done – hooray! But branding does not stop here. We then think of the best possible ways to communicate about them and this will be through ta-da…content.

This leads us to our second component online: Content, and as you probably have heard about it, content is king online!

This is why we will work on your content strategy, the communication approach, your main message, Inbound strategy, the format; photo, video, text, blog, among others.

The time has come to make your voice heard!
There are many ways that you can share what’s on your mind, but one of the best is with this: “Publish or perish.”

Thus, our third component is Digital.
Digital is the channel, the medium you know that vehicle that will help us to reach our target audience, and this relies strongly on content be in it via SEO, Facebook Ads, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc…

I don’t know about you, but I feel that traditional marketing is getting boring. A recent study found that digital is the channel of choice for reaching our target audience, Youpi!

So, you need a place to redirect your potential customers so that they can take the actions that you want them to.

Finally, our 4th and last element, WEB.
But what is WEB? (No need to panic because I wrote it in capital letters). Well, web stands for your website, landing page, online shop, mobile app – much simple now, right?

Your website is the face of your company, it’s what people see when they first visit your page or learn about you. And as any good-looking person knows: reputation matters! Yes, it does! Meaning please I can already foresee?! Well, your site needs to be smooth and easy-to-navigate so that potential customers know exactly how great everything will be at their end too.

The perfect recipe for a successful business online should have all these ingredients else indigestion guaranteed!

So, the idea is to find that sweet spot, you know the perfect synchronization between these 4 elements that will help you to reach climax oh là là!

And this is what we, at Future Buzz, called the BUZZ SPOT. We have developed our model based on this concept.

Buzz Spot

Now you may ask, how do we reach there?

First, you must identify where you are currently situated so that you can identify what is not working properly. For example, you may be relying too much on Ads, consequently, you do not generate enough organic traffic. This happens when you have strong digital and web strategy but poor content and branding. Or, perhaps you have lots of people searching for you online, love your content but you do not have any conversion whereby the problem could be with your website or landing page.

Once you’ve identified your weaknesses, it is easier to work towards your Buzz Spot and not the contrary.

That’s it for today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it will make your life simpler.
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