Mauritius and Its Digital Evolution


An island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is more commonly known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. However, it may come as a surprise to some that it is the top sub-Saharan African country for digital evolution. On a global scale, it ranks at number 45. That is quite an achievement.

Following its independence, the country has gone through some major changes. In the early days, it was considered as a low-income group country. However, as the early days of the economic development progressed, it became more service oriented rather being dominated by the mono crop sugarcane.

Today, the economic landscape has a different story to tell. The economy of Mauritius is now supported by 3 major pillars namely the financial sector, tourism and, information and communication technology (ICT).

How Mauritius Became Digital?

Given the development of technology around the world, it is hardly surprising that it is finding its way into islands too. However, it says a lot about a country’s efforts as it causes it very own digital evolution within 4 decades of independence.

Here is how the digital evolution is taking place in Mauritius:

The Internet is a Thing

Mauritius has a total population of 1.28 million, out of which 39% counts for urbanization. There are 0.80 million Internet users including 0.72 active social media users. People are prone to using mobile technology given 1.74 million with mobile subscriptions. A significant number- 0.62 million- of people are active mobile social users.

Digital Growth

Over the period of a year, there has been no change in internet users. However, the active social media users have increased by more than 24%. Mobile subscriptions have increased over 3% along with an impressive increase of over 32% in active mobile social users.



Facebook Galore

In Mauritius, there are 720, 000 active Facebook users on a monthly basis. There is a significant amount of people accessing Facebook through mobile; an impressive 86%.

Restaurant Chains in Mauritius

For KFC Mauritius, Facebook has become a good tool for connecting with customers. Customers are encouraged to share their pictures with food, family and friends on the restaurant’s Facebook page. As compared to McDonald’s in Mauritius, this is a competitive step from the local KFC. It shows that the popular businesses on the island are taking advantage of the fact that a significant number of Mauritius residents use Facebook every day.

Digital in the Banking sector

In other similar examples, internet & mobile banking are also becoming popular on the island with the advent of Juice by MCB being first movers in that field to adapt to digital evolution. Other banks like SBM & Barclays are joining the bandwagon, making their best efforts to create smooth experiences for their clients.


E-Commerce in Mauritius

People in Mauritius have also responded to e-commerce; giving a tough competition to those businesses on the island that have failed to adopt digital shopping options. Major eCommerce websites like, PriceGuru and are changing the way Mauritian shop online and many new e-market places are sprouting up like &

Big traditional retailers in electronic appliances have also started to adapt and equipped their websites with ecommerce possibilities like &

Reviews on Social Sites

In Mauritius, the economy has definitely improved due to the digital evolution. People have positively responded to the change and their involvement with the evolution is evident. Communities like Speak Up have given digital platforms to the customers to leave product reviews & Mauritians on Facebook are very actively leaving reviews after visiting places and having food at restaurants; ensuring that more businesses on the island start tapping into this digital evolution.