A new milestone for Instagram!

Instagram Stories now has 250 million daily active users, up from 200 million in April, 150 million in January and 100 million in October after launching the Snapchat, Inc. Stories clone in August.

That compares to Snapchat’s total 166 million daily actives for its entire app and Instagram’s total 700 million monthly users. “From new creative tools to location stories, we’ve been focused on making it easier to share any moment and uncover stories from the accounts and interests that matter most to you.

As a result, we are continuing to see strong growth both in the U.S. and internationally.” says Instagram official.

The fact that Instagram has been able to grow Stories so quickly is proof of the missed opportunities for Snapchat. The LA startup’s myopic focus on “cool” U.S. teens left its app too difficult to use for older demographics, and without a sophisticated growth strategy abroad.

Now Instagram is using the convenient design of Stories atop its globally popular app to push the Stories format to every kind of social network user.