Online Marketing Made Simple: A Future Buzz Approach

Let’s make it clear from the beginning, Digital or Online Marketing?? Well, it’s pretty easy to understand that there’s a difference between the two, right?! Not every digital marketing campaign is automatically an online marketing effort. But these terms are widely used interchangeably. Meaning? They can be used in the place of each other and it feels OK sometimes to do so when everybody does it. 

At Future Buzz, we feel it’s an opportunity to clear out things and help to make the distinction between both. According to TNMedia, online marketing is “…any tool, strategy or method of getting the company name out to the public”. Let’s make it even more simple. 

Online Marketing is any kind of effort to spread the word about a product or service to the targeted audience using the internet. 

At Future Buzz, we’ve decided to go a little further and adapt the concept of online marketing in our unique sauce to create an appetizing recipe. Not that we’re too pretentious and believe that we will be the next Bill Gates (who knows). But we are more in the mood of inspiring ourselves from him and becoming our kind of genius.

This has lead us to realize that there are 4 essentials components of Online Marketing to spread a message online successfully: Branding, Content, Digital & Web. (Yeps Digital is a component of online marketing)

To help you better understand this, Let’s imagine that your brand is a car and that you are heading to a nice destination.

Just close your eyes and visualize a car (uh make sure to open them to continue the reading).

Try to think which car style best represents your business? 

Is it classic, cool, or reliable?

Online MarketingClassicOnline MarketingCoolOnline MarketingReliable

You all set up? Car style in mind? Let’s begin our journey. Pip-pip

So your content is the engine that will help your car to move. Without the engine, your car cannot move and you cannot reach your destination, right?. In other words, the engine is vital, essential, fundamental you know indispensable! Content represents the same thing to your business strategy.  Without content, you cannot achieve your goal and reach your destination. Content is at the heart of everything. Without it your business will die, yes I mean this!

Let’s now move on to Digital marketing. To reach your destination, you need to choose the best route, right? Well, digital marketing is the route that will help you to reach your destination. Of course, there might be different routes that lead you to the same destination, (you know all roads lead to Rome)  but some are shorter, while others will get you lost and you might even never be able to reach the destination. Am pretty sure that you got it now. Choosing the right path is decisive if you want to reach your destination. Therefore in online marketing, digital marketing is the channels; Facebook, Instagram, SEO, Google Ads, YouTube Marketing, etc that will lead you to your destination. So if you choose the wrong route just know that <zafer pas pou bon> 

Sometimes when I ask clients, why are you on Facebook? I get the reply: <A coz zot tou lor Facebook> Ahh if you knew how I sighed when they gave me that reply!

The best is to be sure that your audience is on the route that you have decided to choose, otherwise you will not be able to reach them. For example, you might believe that your audience is on Facebook, after all, how could they not be on it, most Mauritians are on Facebook to <Veille Zafair>! Yet, this does not mean that your very specific audience is also on Facebook, it might simply be too broad for a niche market. This will get you out of fuel before reaching them. Ouch!

Tell me something, do you know what branding is? I’m pretty sure that you must have heard that term and you probably have your own understanding of it.  But let’s get back to our car. Your car looks such as its color, logo, concept, design, material, style, etc represent your brand identity. Obviously, the branding needs to match your business standards and performance. A car with the same look as a Ferrari loses all interest if the engine sounds like a Toyota Corolla when starting the car. Not that I am degrading Toyota, but you see what I mean! So do not invest massively in your branding if it does not reflect your business vision and performance. It’s absolutely of no use to invest in big branding strategies if you cannot match them with your business performance. Don’t show off!

Last but not least, the web. So the web represents your car interior.That is the experience that user will have when coming on your platforms such as your website! We want them to say: <> it’s also about your own comfort as a driver, as a leading element.

So what else to say? Remember that online is the opposite of offline. People tend to think that offline is only about billboards, print Ads etc however it is not the case. Same as for online, it is not only about Facebook and Google Ads. Offline you talk to people. In online marketing you talk to people, keep that in mind!

If you want to promote yourself online as well as you’ve been doing offline, just apply the principle to the online world; have a clear concept and identity, communicate in a clear way, use the right channels to reach your audience and give them a <> experience.

P.S I see the cloud on your head, so what about the fuel in the car??!

This is your budget. 🙂

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