4 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Online Marketing Strategy This Year!

Believe me or not, when I say the term online marketing to some businesses they confirm understanding what it means and yet struggle to comprehend the real meaning of it. Some simply think that online marketing is not the right fit for their business while some tried, failed, and gave up! Years before when I was explaining the importance of having a website, businesses were like, yeah okay but I think my business is doing quite well without having to invest in one. And now, most of the businesses are ever ready to have a website, especially after the COVID 19 pandemic. No, I’m not saying that having a website or doing online marketing are the only magical solutions for all your business problems. But you should be asking yourself what could you be possibly doing wrong or missing when it comes to online marketing? 

I bring to you 4 potential reasons why your online marketing efforts failed or could fail in 2022.  You would not want your online marketing efforts to fail, would you? As a bonus, I’m also offering you our own adapted proven online marketing strategy framework which will help you devise the right strategy for your business. Ah, don’t scroll to the framework yet and skip the good part, I suggest you continue reading, cause these reasons that I’m going to share here might be an eye-opener for you! So hang in there!


Not Having The Right Online Marketing Strategy & Doing It All

I can see you already know what I’m going to talk about here! Most of us know the importance of being online now. You want it or not, online or digital we may say is the FUTURE, but this does not mean that you should start trying to do it all without having a proper strategy. During my online marketing journey, I’ve met many interesting people, such as DDMY entrepreneurs, marketers, directors, and more. What do I mean by DDMY here? It’s “Doing Digital Marketing Yourself”. Not that it is a bad thing, in fact with the rise of online marketing it is imperative to keep yourself updated but that does not mean that you should try it all, putting all the digital platforms or tools and strategies in the same basket to start promoting your business or services online. 

Having an understanding of your audience, their problems and fears, the strengths and unique selling points of your business, ad key messages per each type of target audience, where these audiences are found or hang out, YouTube, Google, Facebook, other websites you may not know, these are things that you first need to ask yourself while doing a strategy. It’s not complex at all. The truth is we’ve all been there, trying to do it all, testing and failing. To be honest, I did it too, but I’ve learned, improved, and was able to create my own proven strategy framework which you can test too. No commitment and nothing to lose here! I can see you already devising your successful marketing strategy soon on your own. 


Not Defining Goals & KPIs

Another major reason why businesses usually fail during their online marketing journey is that they don’t set GOALS & KPIs! You may find it hard to believe but it is true. Why is that? It’s simple! They completely ignored the very foundation required when starting any online marketing campaigns! I’m speaking about clear and smart goals here! Smart goals that will help you understand where you failed or succeeded. Set goals, any measurable ones so you know if you are making reasonable progress. Not only global ones but set goals for each of the digital marketing strategies that you are planning to implement. Whenever you are planning to launch a specific campaign, you need to set realistic goals, so you don’t just give up and stop the campaigns when failing. The success of campaigns does not just happen out of the blue, it will fail the first time and even take time to get the results you want, thus setting up goals and focusing on KPIs are the foundations you should be looking out for if you want your campaigns to succeed over time.


Not Investing In Resources & Tools

Online marketing is vast, very vast! It’s something that’s always changing and updating, bringing new tools and digital platforms I find interesting and amazing. When I say ONLINE, it is an ever-changing online world. I need to confess, I myself find it hard and challenging to be able to keep up with these changes which is why I hired sidekicks each with different expertise and skills so I can help our heroes. Companies like us depend a lot on digital marketing tools to get the work done. Consider these tools as your booster to get your digital strategies to work and sync together.

“Trying to handle digital marketing by yourself is often a frustrating and difficult process,” Greenberg said. “There’s various tools and people that will help you make sure you’re actually getting results for every penny spent.” I understand, investing in tools that you do not have knowledge of is something you don’t want to even think about. But you should know that if you want your business to grow and reach your competition, you need to start thinking about it. Of course, you should be wise and know which tools or resources to invest in. Based on your business needs and online marketing strategy, this is something we can help you with!


Not Using Other Platforms Except From Social Media

My partners and clients will hate me for saying this, but I really need to share this with you. Over the past years of experience that I had with my partners and clients, the majority of them believed that they were doing great already on Facebook and that it was a lifesaver for their business. Uh-huh, no (a big NO)! I hate to break it to you but you need to know Facebook or Instagram is not everything when it comes to online marketing. Forget online marketing for one second, if you do not have a good social media strategy itself, consider your social media efforts dead! You should know that your potential clients are not necessarily found on Facebook. 

Having said that, I know you can reach some of your clients there, but it is not enough when it comes to reaching quality leads and then converting them to potential clients. Given some businesses rely only on Facebook marketing, did it ever occur to you what will happen one day if Facebook is closed forever? Will your business stop too? No, right? Keeping in mind social media, there are various other digital strategies and platforms that you need to consider using in parallel so you can share, educate, advertise and learn from. Our framework will help you understand and find where your targeted audience is hanging out and where you can reach them, without having to just rely on Facebook. 

Your online marketing strategy may fail but it is not something to stress yourself with, step back, analyze the situation and review everything we mentioned above. Breathe in and out for a moment, next download our online marketing strategy framework, I can guarantee you it will help understand and find the missing puzzles!

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