Should your brand page consider using Facebook Stories?

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Facebook Stories would be soon made available to all Facebook Pages, which means that brands will now be able to use this feature. Facebook has been making this feature available to its regular users and the pages as well with the objective to increase the usage of the ‘Stories’ feature. Facebook Stories is not something new or something that one can possibly ignore. Take your mobile, go on Facebook and the very first thing you find are the stories of your friends. The Facebook Stories feature was available earlier this year to individual users and now Facebook is making this feature available to Facebook pages so that they can also benefit from it and use this feature more than ever.  

Amy Sun, one of the Facebook product managers stated that the Facebook community has been receiving demands for Stories to be made available for pages. This demand indicates that people are indeed using this feature and that the usage of this feature is more likely to increase in the upcoming months. Amy Sun also stated; “We’ve been listening to our community and working to make it fast, fun and easy for people and Pages to create Stories on Facebook. Over the coming month, Pages will be able to create Stories to share with the people who follow them.” The feature Stories in itself became popular when it was first introduced for Snapchat and then later on Instagram added this feature to their application as well which made it even more popular among the Internet users.

As it is for Facebook, Stories has yet created a buzz as much, but with the increasing demand of the Facebook communities, Facebook Stories is definitely going to be more than just a success when pages will be able to use it. Now, you might be thinking ‘why should my brand use this feature?’ Let’s dig a little deeper and try to understand how you as a company or your brand could possibly benefit from the Facebook Stories feature. Let’s find out some possible opportunities for Facebook Stories for pages.

Top Positioning in the App

The very first thing you might consider is that Facebook Stories gives your brand the opportunity to position itself right at the top when someone opens the application. If not through your Facebook Post, you can actually reach your audience through Facebook Stories. That could surely help generate results. The prime benefit of this feature is that you can use it to create awareness for your products, services and content.


According to Steve Rayson, content author from BuzzSumo, engagement of Facebook posts created by pages have decreased by 20% since the beginning of 2017. BuzzSumo analysed more than 880 million Facebook posts of pages and publishers and concluded a clear decline in engagements. If you think that your brand page is also experiencing declines in reach and engagement, then Facebook Stories is what you need and might consider. By using Stories, you could find new ways to create interest and engagements to get your fans come to your Facebook Page.  

Increase of Stories Usage

More and more people are now using Stories to connect with their friends or fans. As per Social Media Today, 250 million people are using Instagram Stories every day and 70 million are using the Stories feature on Messenger. Stories so far have proven to be a successful feature, the reason why Facebook is now considering to push this feature across all their applications. It has been said that Facebook will allow pages to cross post Stories from Instagram but this has yet to be confirmed.

Creative ways to tell your Stories

The Facebook Stories feature gives you the opportunity to create creative stories. Users have the option of adding filters, effects and texts to their pictures. You have the possibility to do a live streaming as well. All this are included in the Facebook app and your company won’t even have to invest when depicting your brand stories in different new creative ways. This feature enables you to differentiate the content of your Facebook Stories and from your Stories newsfeed.

What Neil Patel has to say about Stories?

Neil Patel, famous digital marketer and founder of Crazy Egg, QuickSprout and many other digital companies encourages your brand to use Stories. Be it Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook Stories, why not using them for your brand and benefit from it all. As per Neil Patel, there are different audiences on all the social media platforms. He recommends testing Stories on all the platforms mentioned above as you never know where you might find your audience and be surprised. Here’s how Neil Patel suggest you use Stories for your brand;

Consistent Stories

Stories need to be lined up, in short, there should be a consistent story. It is not like one minute you post about mobile phone and the other minute you talk about flowers.  According to him, fans are more likely to view and watch every single of your stories and follow along if it is consistent.

Build Anticipation

Use stories to build anticipation. Your brand is about to launch a new service or product, use Facebook Stories as well. What a better way to give a teaser or tell a news to your fans! For example, we can create a story indicating our fans that ‘Stay tuned! Tips on SEO Traffic Coming Soon!’, it is like you are telling them what is going to happen and this way your audience is more likely to come back and check what you have posted on your page.

Don’t Stop

Neil Patel suggests continuing using Facebook Stories throughout the whole day. He also added that using this feature the whole day is not like posting pictures or videos every one hour and that you will lose customers. Think of using Stories as a TV reality show, people can follow whenever they want to. If they do not want to follow, they simply do not have to do it that day. Once they see the story, the story is gone. It is not like they have to see it each time they scroll they newsfeed.

Now let’s see some basic statistic on Facebook Pages. These numbers might help you understand why you need to start considering Facebook Stories once the feature it is made available.

More than 60 million businesses have a Facebook Page.

Facebook fans

400 New Users Sign up for Facebook Every Minute and on every 60 seconds on Facebook, there are:

facebook stories

Facebook’s messenger application has approximately over 1.2 billion monthly active users. On the topic of mobile data, by the end of December 2016, Facebook had:


Now, we cannot really know if Facebook Stories will be successful for business pages or not but it is worth trying and implementing when strategizing so as to know if you can reach your audience and raise awareness. There is definitely a potential and this feature is worth considering given the demands that Facebook is receiving. Let us wait and follow along with the trend!