The Content Engagement Dilemma!

You’re working hard to create great content, but it’s not getting the engagement you hoped for. It’s not your content the problem may be. The issue is that everyone is now completely submerged in content—and there are only 24 hours in a day!

Why? The answer partly resides in the lackluster, overly corporate, or in-your-face promotional content some companies publish on social media.

This is also the reason why so many users become disenchanted with blogs and social media platforms; the latter cannot capture and keep users’ attention on a daily basis, much less entice people to comment or share content like before.

Today, the situation has gotten much worse. And that is why Facebook and Instagram now filter posts using their mysterious, but very powerful, algorithm.

Therefore, it is no surprise that stats are showing that content that took less attention span is gaining popularity, so does TikTok. And video is working the best in terms of content, easier to digest. Users are seeing videos increasingly on every platform. Whether it’s on blogs, Instagram videos, or simply YouTube, they are expecting more video content.

According to Optinmonster, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year (Optinmonster, 2019). Optinmonster also concluded that video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness. Additionally, 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media. This increased quality of leads can be attributed to the quality of education that video brings. Not only do customers gain trust in companies, but they’re also able to educate themselves about the company or their product through interactive visuals. These stats show that there’s no need to second-guess the benefits of video marketing for business. As for video marketing in 2022, it will be a great way to grow your network and customer base, not just now, but also in the future.

El professor understood this and leveraged video in his strategy, why also he is our hero of the month. If you’ve missed the video click here for the preview of how he used video to create awareness…

And if you’re thinking of investing in video marketing, you may be glad to know that you don’t even need a massive budget or external resources to help you create videos. Smaller companies aren’t at a disadvantage when it comes to video production. A noteworthy example is the success story of the Dollar Shave Club, which grew from a viral video into a billion-dollar brand. This just goes to show that you don’t need a whole cast and crew to start your video marketing efforts today.

So without further ado, here are some secrets to creating successful video content. We hope these tips will help you as you plan and create your own video content.

1. Focus on stories, not sales

Before the rise of Social Media, if you wanted people to see an ad, you had to pay for advertising space in a popular media channel like television or print. Brands can reach the exact same audiences directly through social media. This means that branded content (advertising) competes with entertainment, rather than interrupting it.

If you want people to watch your video, it needs to provide them with some kind of value. Videos that are purely focusing on a brand or driving sales will likely be ignored.

2. Use the first few seconds wisely

Online attention spans are short. On average, people’s attention spans are now just 2-3 seconds MAX.

To create successful videos, you need to tell your story quickly, so as to immediately grab attention as viewers scroll through their feeds.

One of the best things you can do to get people to watch your videos is to use a hook at the beginning. A hook is a short preview of what’ll be in the video. Gary Vaynerchuk does a great job of this in his #AskGaryV videos

3. Tell your story with and without sounds

On Facebook, videos will now play automatically with sound unless your phone is set to mute.

It’s not yet clear exactly how these changes will affect Facebook’s viewing habits. Before the update, multiple publishers reported as much as 85% of video views on Facebook happened with the sound off.

It’s important to consider how you can ensure your videos are engaging and interesting for viewers whether they’re playing silently or with the sound on.

Video content requires no audio. Therefore, when thinking about video, marketers must consider how they can create a good story without the need for sound. If users can pick up a story without the need for sound then you can certainly boost the effectiveness of your content.

Click here to watch this short and simple Facebook Video from Wistia

One of the video campaigns we did for a project, it generated over 100K Views Online, twice the results as compared to when using an image, yet doing the same thing.

4. Target relevant audiences on Facebook

As a content distribution platform, Facebook is incredible.

One of the features that make Facebook stand out from other marketing channels is the super-in-depth targeting you can use to select audiences for your content.

You may have used targeting with Facebook Ads before, but did you know you can also target every post on your Page to a selected audience?

Sharing highly-targeted posts is a great way to make your content appealing to every member of your audience. And with Facebook organic reach in decline, this feature could be a great help to ensure you’re always reaching the most relevant people with every post.

Check out this link here as a guide on how to do this >>

5. Optimize for search

More than 3.6 billion searches per day are conducted on Google and Google-operated, YouTube, which has more than 3 billion searches every month. Search is also growing rapidly on Facebook, with more than 2 billion searches conducted every day on the platform.

When you think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you probably think of Google. You might even think Yahoo, Yandex, or Baidu if you’re targeting a specific region.

But the often-overlooked search engine when it comes to optimizing your efforts is YouTube. According to Alexa’s global rankings, YouTube is the number two most visited website in the entire world. It’s also arguably the number two biggest search engine in the entire world that you haven’t even properly optimized for despite this topic featuring at MozCon over four years ago!

If you’re not optimizing your videos for search, you could miss out on huge numbers of viewers.

Here is a nice article that helps you understand how to optimize your video for YouTube Search Results:

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