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Search Engine Optimization

There are literally millions of web pages on the internet. Every time you search for something online, there are countless other pages available with similar- and sometimes even better - information available for you to see. So why aren’t you seeing them? Simple, it’s all because of bad SEO. SEO is the art of making…

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search engine advertising

Everybody hates pop ups. You know, those annoying ads that come up every time you’re surfing the web. But the fact is, that nearly every business on the internet is using them and that they’re getting proven results. So obviously, there’s a reason why they exist. PPC (‘Pay Per Click’), also known as paid search…

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Social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… the world speaks through social media, and leveraging every single one of these tools is key to getting your company message through to your clients. Whether you want us to handle it all by ourselves -  or just need some guidance - we’ll help you target the right social media channel for…

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At Future Buzz, we’re passionate about getting Mauritian or International companies ready for the digital age. understanding all of your business needs to create the digital marketing campaign that speaks to your targeted audience Understanding